The Best of 2018: Albums

Let me be clear. This was not a good year for music. In fact, this was a bad year for music. And I don't mean deaths of musicians, tragedies, or other random sad or unfortunate events. Artistic level of albums released in 2018 was not satisfying to say at least. After a magnificent 2015 and … Continue reading The Best of 2018: Albums

add some music #106

  Modern folk turns dark and mysterious turning into the powerful, ominous, yet amusing rock, which invites you to get on a dancefloor and release the energy. Brought to you by an unobvious pairings of Randy Newman and Grizzly Bear, Queens of the Stone Age and Foster the People, and more.

add some music #80

This playlist takes you on an uneasy, but rewarding road from the agressive jazz and hardcore punk, through shoegaze and alternative rock, to intense experimental ballads and fusion jazz; from the classic tunes by Pink Freud, Miles Davis and The Mars Volta, to the new singles by Ride, Spoon and At the Drive-In.