add some music #120

Delicate electronica meets acoustic sound. It's time for reflection, rest, relax, and a little bit of dancing.

add some music #103

Listen to the playlist presenting a subtle art of rock, pop, delicate voices and soothing synths with a pinch of nostalgia and sorrow. Brought to you by Arcade Fire, Rhye, Chris Stapleton, Jerry Martin, The Who, and more.

add some music #88

This is where melancholy merges with strong statements, heartbreak with mellow musical collages, classics with modern sounds, rock with electronica and rap. This is where you find darkness, even sadness, yet peace and a potential for lightness. Kendrick Lamar, Gorillaz, Mount Eerie and more.

add some music #73

Delicate and subtle sounds of contemporary electronica, indie, experimental and pop music blends with nostalgic and intense rock, making this playlist both sentimental and enpowering experience. Listen to the best music from Thundercat, Future Islands, Crystal Fairy, Cloud Nothings and much more.