The Sound of a City: Project Update

Originally my goal was to finish writing a draft version of my dissertation before Christmas, later rescheduled to mid-January. Eventually, I finished writing on January 19th, exactly 360 days after creating the first doc file on my laptop. After that, I was advised to take a break and proceed to edit after a few weeks. … Continue reading The Sound of a City: Project Update

Shameful Artists, Favorite Songs

This is an issue we all know too well, or maybe we're just unaware of the problem. Should we stop listening to our favorite songs because of artists' wrongdoings? Or should we stop watching TV shows for the same reasons? In the era when shameful behaviors of artists are thankfully no longer a secret, this becomes an ethical issue without a clear answer.

Living the Music

Live music is important. Live music connects people. Live music can be a life-changing experience. If you do not believe it, read the report, even though it was made by world's leading company in live entertainment.