The Best of 2018: Songs

The end of the year is a time of various summaries, including those musical. While I'm preparing a list of the best albums of 2018, I'm sharing the one with my favorite and probably the best songs I've heard in the last months. Unfortunately, for the second time in a row, we did not suffer … Continue reading The Best of 2018: Songs

The Best of 2017: Songs

This year was all about emotions, bravery, and women's voice. Bring back your memories with this compilation of what was the best about music in 2017 - sincerity, openness, and reflexivity. (The songs' order is non-evaluative.)

add some music #106

  Modern folk turns dark and mysterious turning into the powerful, ominous, yet amusing rock, which invites you to get on a dancefloor and release the energy. Brought to you by an unobvious pairings of Randy Newman and Grizzly Bear, Queens of the Stone Age and Foster the People, and more.

add some music #98

It takes time to tell a story, to fully acknowledge its potential, to analyze and interpret it. It's the same with music. Listen to playlist with the best new compositions that are something bigger than just songs. Presented by The Grateful Dead, LCD Soundsystem, Slowdive, Roger Waters and more.